Jan Lukačevič



Jan Lukačevič works for the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Department of Space Physics. In the recent past, he was a member of the team developing an antenna for the future ExoMars 2020 mission organized by the European Space Agency. He was the Chief Mechanical Designer of the PREDATOR experiment of the Czech Technical University team sponsored by the European Space Agency and the Swedish National Space Board within the BEXUS Programme. The experiment aimed at the verification of a new measurement method leading to innovative aircraft avionics. He was nominated by The Financial Times and Google to the list of New Europe 100 Challengers, a list of people from Central and Eastern Europe with the largest impact on our future.

Previously, he earned The British Interplanetary Society Award for Best Technical Paper for his research results at 67th IAC in Guadalajara, Mexico as the first Central European. With another space research project focused on 3D printing for use in deep space operations, this 27-year-old space engineer from the Czech Republic was selected for the Space Generation Fusion Forum as one of TOP 50 young adults in the space sector from all around the world and as one of 12 members of the Science & Exploration expert group have addressed key issues of the field in discussions and workshops with leaders of space agencies such as NASA, ESA, CSA and space industry companies such as SpaceX and Blue Original. Additionally, he serves as National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council for the Czech Republic and delivers lectures and workshops to attract youth and the wide public to science.

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