Slaven Elčić



Slaven is a Global Director for Digital Strategy at EYELEVEL responsible for the definition and execution of the overall company strategy with regards to digitalization and technology as well as introducing principles of Design Thinking into everyday operations of EYELEVEL. He wore many hats during his career at the Company but was primarily working on strategic projects and expansion of the office network in China, Mexico, UAE, and other countries. He is a strong believer in knowledge and experience sharing and is always excited when there is an opportunity to train internal staff, mentor non-profit organizations, or participate in education projects.

This is mainly because he likes to talk and gains a lot of energy from interaction with students but also because he learns best when he is forced to train someone else. Slaven holds degrees in Law and Jurisprudence from Charles University Law Faculty and Marketing and Public Relations from Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences. He is also a member of Design Management Institue, an international network of leaders in design management.

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