Soňa Jonášová



 „Sustainable development is not just words. It’s about everyday work where we are serious about it.“ Soňa founded and heads the Institute of Circular Economics (INCIEN). She is interested in sustainable development and as part of its support she cooperates on the projects zajimej.se (be.interested) and uplatni.se (be.of use). Her motto is: “We must initiate the change we want to see around us.” Through the non-governmental organization INCIEN, she disseminates the awareness of circular economy among people and helps put into practice processes that promote sustainable development. As Director of INCIEN since 2015, he has been involved in the Czech Republic’s transition from a linear system of the economy to a circular system. INCIEN deals with the closure of biological and technical cycles as part of the sustainable development of society; it thus intervenes in agriculture, the development of new economies, and waste management or eco-innovation. INCIEN supports local and community activities. All the activities of this non-profit organization are aimed at creating a healthy society and ecosystems. The most prominent INCIEN project is the conference Waste as a Source, which addresses the introduction of circular economy principles into cities and villages.

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